Hey. My name is Bethan. I’m a photographer of all things worth remembering in Victoria BC.

If you haven’t met me yet, I’m guaranteed to talk about my four boys within 2 minutes of us meeting. It’s innocent enough, because I really have no proper filter when it comes to my boys. I find the topic fascinating. I mean, I’d love to go back to my 21-year-old self and tell Young Me that Future Me has four boys. That and the fact that Donald Trump is president.

But back to talking about me. Because that’s the title of this page, and obviously you’re here because of said Page Title.

Serious stuff you need to know: I studied photography at the University of Victoria and have worked, between popping out a fleet of young men, as a photojournalist and photographer for 15 or so years, among other things. I like natural light, bright, airy lifestyle photography that actually captures you, doing you, at your best without a lot of fuss.

My camera is new school but my heart is old school. I collect old cameras and typewriters. My dream is to set up a darkroom in my house and make art house photographs one day. Think: black and white, light leaks and burns.

I run a blog called House of Starling and it’s about all things plant-based, zero-waste, and minimalist. Check me out: www.houseofstarling.com and on insta @thehouseofstarling.

I love me some vegan cheese, but will give a hard pass on all things green and smoothie-related when made in combination. No thanks. I’ll take a salad, and a delicious strawberry mango coconut smoothie any day please. Just not together.

I am totally into helping: I will fundraise my ass off, volunteer until I’ve forgotten to leave time to actually make a living, and am constantly on a crusade to save the world. Beach clean-up? Sit-in to end homelessness? Proselytizing about another easy vegan meal that everyone will love? Count me in.

I spend a good portion of my week (read: every waking non-school hour) driving the boys between hockey, judo, playdates, and activities. Once the activities and homework are done, boys are clean, bathed, and to bed, the house is squared away, lunches are prepped, and I’ve squeezed in a bit of work, I spend my remaining two minutes reading with a voracious appetite… before falling unconscious with the book propped on my lap. My husband’s last duty every night is to remove said book from my lap and turn out the lights. #romance.

But don’t worry. I still have time for you. So let’s take some pics.